My name is Andy Marchand, I live in Worb/Berne, Switzerland, and digital photography is one of my hobbies I really have a passion for. That's why the main part of my website is dedicated to some of my photo- and videographic projects. The published images and videos serve no special purpose, you will rather find a collection of merely unsorted experiments and memories and some results of thoughts, ideas and moods.

Quite a few people seem to be interested in what kind of photo equipment I use. You'll find all the details in the "EQUIPMENT" section and right there, you will also find an explanation, why sharing this information online seems to be a good idea to me. 

I do try to update my website regularly and to provide information about my current activities in my "BLOG" in chronological order. So check back soon, hopefully you'll find some news there! And if you like or dislike something, please feel free to comment my posts, I do really appreciate feedbacks!


Some more details about me...



  • Eidg. Maturität Typus D (modern languages, English/Italian).

  • Bachelor of Arts PHBern in Secondary Education, 2009.

  • Master of Arts PHBern in Secondary Education, 2010
    (Deutsch, Geographie, Physik).

  • Erweiterungsdiplom Sekundarstufe I, 2011 (Informatik).

  • eidg.-zert. Nebenberuflicher Zivilschutzinstruktor, 2012.

  • zert. Erwachsenenbildner SVEB I, 2012.

  • currently studying: Erziehungswissenschaft UniBE (Berne University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Institute of Educational Science, Department of Educational Psychology).

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MSIEE)


  • Firefighter (Atemschutz, PbU, FS Elementar, Webmaster) Feuerwehr Worb

  • First Responder Bern.

  • Officer-in-charge (Einsatzleiter) ZSO Bern plus

  • Digital photography (see Photography and Equipment)

  • IT-Services (Webhosting, DB-Hosting, Mailhosting etc.).

  • Travelling.

  • Playing the piano.

  • Politics.



Other work relations and previous employers

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