Pan-Tilt-Head / Slider (Dolly)

I use an eMotimo TB3 black pan-tilt-head in combination with DynamicPerception's Stage One slider/dolly.

The things I needed are not yet available in stores in Switzerland, so it took me quite a while to find out, what exactly I had to order from eMotimo, DynamicPerception and other shops.

My special thanks go out to Gunther Wegner ( / His online reviews and informations about sliders / dollies helped me a lot in making my decisions. And then there is another big "thank you!" to the staff of eMotimo and DynamicPerception. Their pre-order-support was very helpful and both the shipments to Switzerland took less than a week! Wow!

The video on the right hand side shows you the complete setup of the eMotimo TB3 and the DynamicPerception Stage One Dolly/Slider. You will see all the components I had to assemble in order to have my own motorized 3-way pan-tilt-head on a dolly for DSLR timelapse. 

Shopping List: eMotimo TB3 + DynamicPerception Stage One Dolly/Slider

Here's my complete shopping list. After all, I thought there might be someone out there somewhere, who is about to buy a slider/dolly too and would like to know, what's needed... (If that's you, let me know if this list had been of any help to you :-))

eMotimo (

  • TB3 black wireless
  • Shutter Cable CL-DC0 (for Nikon D800)
  • Wired Controller (as backup)
  • Geared Stepper Motor - 5:1 (fast, less powerful)
  • Geared Stepper Motor - 27:1 (slow, powerful)
  • International AC Adapter with Europlug
  • 6 Foot Extension Cable

DynamicPerception (

  • Stage One Base Slider Bundle
  • 3x Stage One Extension Set
  • Motor Quick Change System
  • 6' Belt for Sliders and Dollies

Additional Items

eMotimo TB3 on dp Stage One slider with Nikon D800 setup

eMotimo TB3 on dp stage one slider with Nikon D800 setup

Sample sequences