Matterhorn Workshop (

This weekend I attended a photography workshop in Zermatt / Switzerland from led by Dionys Moser. Our group consisted of 12  participants from Switzerland and Germany, and we experienced some unforgettable moments together!

It's almost a little embarrassing for me as a Swiss citizen, but I have to admit, that I saw the Matterhorn for the first time in my life with my own eyes in these past few days... :-)

Anyway, it was well worth it and the weather was excellent! We usually got up almost two hours before dawn and like that we were early enough to be all alone at the selected locations and had thus always enough space and the best locations for our shots! I think the results speak for themselves!

First Night - Fluhalp / Stellisee

Daytrip - Trockener Steg / Kl. Matterhorn

Second Night - Gornergrat / Riffelsee